03 February 2014

buy artwork

A4  Giclée print, framed.

Such a good deal: You have a beautiful new peace of art, and you help us to raise the last €8500 we need in order to complete the film.

have a look at www.cinecrowd.nl/zeezucht

23 September 2013

Start of animation!

The designs of the first scene are done. Now, finally, the animation starts. Finally and endlessly.

My very talented intern Nadia helped me out with the opening scene. Keep eyes on her. She’s a good one.

02 September 2013

research // inspiration

through history,  mankind have been developing constructions and machinery to go beyond the restrictions of the human being. Just like Jonas.

29 August 2013

photo's in artwork

01 July 2013

Phototrip 2, Leon.

Back to the beach. This time with Leon and his expertise in landscape photography. The photo’s will be used as base for the backgrounds.

10 February 2013

phototrip 1, Maeve.

Together with Maeve I went to the Dutch isle Teschelling, taking pictures of objects and backgrounds, which will be used for the design of the film.

25 January 2013


22 January 2013

character sketches

20 January 2013

writing, sketching, Champaign

Starting from the first idea in 2010, writing and rewriting with Ruben, till the announcement of the Dutch Film Fund in 2012… They help us fund the movie. Champagne, JONAS AND THE SEA, Let’s go!