JONAS AND THE SEA tells the story of one man’s lifelong dream and his struggle to make it a reality. This 12 minute long animation film has been directed, drawn and animated by Dutch animator Marlies van der Wel (1984). In Jonas and the Sea Marlies has conjured a charming dreamlike world with a rich collage of hand drawn sketches, photographs, digital animation and objects that she found washed up on the beach during her research expeditions for the film. the film premiered at the Berlinale 2016 and received several awards after that. 



JONAS AND THE SEA  is a classic story about a man who casts aside everything and everybody to pursue his dream. Ever since he was a boy, there was only one place Jonas wanted to be: the sea. Not just watching it or swimming in it, but becoming part of it. Jonas lives alone, as nobody else understands his dream. After all, it’s impossible for people to live in the sea. Or is it? Jonas spends his whole life combing the beach for things he can use to build the outlandish creations he hopes will transport him into a new life amongst the fish. Although all of these fail, Jonas edges closer to a successful design. But as he grows older, Jonas has to face up to the increasing limitations of his inventions and his body. Time is running out to make his dream come true…

According to Marlies: “Jonas has a clear vision of what he wants. Ironically all the baggage that he accumulates during his life is what finally enables him to realise his dream. In “The Old Man and the Sea” Ernest Hemmingway wrote ‘My big fish must be somewhere’. This is the message I want people to take from JONAS AND THE SEA: find your big fish and go for it.